Who is Isabel?

Having worked as a Naturopath and Bioenergetic Practitioner with over 100,000 patients world wide over the past 20 years, Isabel brings her years of experience combining multiple disciplines to finding solutions for anything from minor ailments to some of the most severe health challenges. With the understanding that your body is designed to heal itself, Isabel combines Natural medicine and cutting edge bio-energetic technology to assist you to have a deep insight into your   physical and emotional well being down to the root cause of your condition. Through working directly on the  cause of various health symptoms, which can often be unexpected, Isabel is able to foster an environment of healing and get you on the path to feeling your best self again.

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What are you experiencing?


Are you struggling with anxiety? While it may not seem true, it is actually possible to live without anxiety in any situation. Learn the techniques that will allow you to regain the freedom from negative thoughts.

Stress/ Fatigue

With the ever-growing pressures of today’s world, stress and fatigue are prevalent issues which are important to deal with as they are often precursors to more serious health issues later in life.


Depression has various causes, often based emotionally but can also be traced back to burnt out adrenals and chemical imbalances in the endocrine system. Treating the body holistically can very quickly release these causes and bring you back into aligment

Allergies/ Asthma/ Sinusitus

These are the body’s way to protect itself and by calming the body’s immune system to not be so reactive these symptoms can be alleviated instead of avoiding the allergen.

Auto-immune disease

Auto-Immune Diseases such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia etc. are when a body is in negative immunity caused by the lack of cell-to-cell communication. By repairing the cell-to-cell communication we empower the body to heal itself and normalize correct immune response

Rheumatism, Arthritis & Osteoarthritis/ Osteoporosis

Rheumatism, Arthritis & Osteoarthritis/ Osteoporosis are painful conditions caused by ph imbalances which can be relieved in a matter of days using the Scenar machine and ph balancing therapies.

Digestive issues

Your digestive system comprises of 90% of your immune system and through natural methods it is relatively easy to correct digestive issues such as IBS, Colitis, constipation, mal-absorbtion, bloating, liver/ gallbladder disease etc.

Diabetes/ Cardiovascular

Diabetes & CV issues were often seen as conditions that people had to live with until they die, however, with the latest techniques & therapies it has been proven that these conditions are reversible


Insomnia is a debilitating condition that affects all areas of your life from mental/ physical well-being to relationships & career advancement. By identifying the many underlying causes and addressing them separately it is possible bring the body back into it’s natural rhythm.

Skin Conditions

Acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis are just a few of the conditions created by the body, particularly the liver, top assist in toxic overload. By supporting detoxification processes, skin conditions are able to be resolved in a relatively short period of time.

Metabolic Diseases

Metabolic dysfunctions affecting the endocrine system and causing imbalances in the Thyroid, Adrenal and Pituitary glands are simply regulatory reactions to other imbalances in the body. By addressing the fundamental cause, the body is able to regain normality.

Infectious Diseases

Infections such as glandular fever, chronic tonsillitis, the common cold & herpes etc. are all alarm signals that indicate a compromised immune system. The solution often lies in strengthening the immune system rather than focusing on the symptoms and using technology such as the Rife Resonator greatly assists in recovery time.

Migraines & Headaches

Migraines & Headaches are very common symptoms of toxicity in the digestive tract or hormonal imbalances which are quickly corrected through nutritional therapy and Scenar treatment

Neurological Diseases

Motor Neuron Disease, Multiple-Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s are generally accepted as incurable, however, through experience with many patients suffering from these conditions, Isabel has found methods to considerably alleviate symptoms affording patients a better quality of life.


Isabel has had great success throughout her career in offering supportive cancer therapy. Using various modalities such as the SCIO, RIfe and core therapy, Isabel is able to assist the body in fostering an environment of healing that can be used safely alongside traditional treatment.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances such as Menopause, PMS, Endometriosis & prostate issues etc. are common but relatively easy to correct via natural hormone therapy.

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