Waking up in the morning is a chance for setting the scene and creating the kind of day that you want. So what stands in your way – I fear it is the one thing I have not been able to get the hang  of completely; this wonderful thing called my mind. Do I really understand it? No, but I do know that I can control it – this is something I have learnt over the last 8 years – at first my mind was like a lump of jelly that you try to eat with a fork – exasperating, all over the show and trying its damnest to get away from you. With focus and practice it seems to become more docile , more compliant until one day – eureka! it keeps quiet and does not sass you back – all of 20 seconds there is just nothing but beingness – a new beginning and now I get to direct it. The more you are aware that your mind is the temporary house for your thoughts and becoming conscious of what you are thinking , the easier it gets to control it . It becomes the engine that moves you in a reality of your choosing – so tomorrow morning YOU decide in which direction you want this day to flow – do you focus on the lack of money, your physical ailments, what tasks were not done or the hectic day ahead or do you stay with the wonderful things in your life a moment and bask in the gratitude of having your family, hearing the birds outside or the soothing flow of traffic, heralding a new day with new connections, new opportunities – taking two minutes each morning thinking ahead and feeling gratitude for what you have right now and not giving much attention to the many lacks and challenges in your life – that is a day worth living – being in the driver seat of your thoughts , rather than being driven by your thoughts (almost exclusively in default mode of what is wrong and anticipating so many problems before they even materialise) is how you use this powerful energy to create a joyful , vibrant life filled with positive expectation.