Even though OVERWHELMENT is not a word, I think everyone knows what I am talking about. I find that this year I have had to cope with more than my fair share of challenges. Losing my dad in January and now losing my mom last month shook the foundations on which I stood on all of my life. Our parents might not always be that which we wish for, but on a symbolic level they represent safety and a back door to whatever happens in life. When that is taken away from you , you have to find that safe haven within yourself but going inward is where the real journey begins and some of us start early and have no one to turn to and others, like me, have to do it later in life. My journey these last 20 years have been one of going inwards but often times I would be distracted by what is offered outside and I eagerly attended workshops, healings , in the hope of the OUT THERE curing me. Now I have no other option but to rely on myself – there is no out there anymore , there is only me and I alone can decide how I want to carry on from here . When life becomes more than what we can bear, taking a few seconds to just take a deep breath, close our eyes and focus on the space between our eyes (the Brow chakra) and letting ourselves sink into nothingness for a short while , we are able to start breathing again and the load becomes lighter. Your soul lives within you and it is there where peace and magnificence lie. For a few seconds you can just be and you will know that the external things are just an illusion, they pass through your life, but being and knowing who you are , that is precious.