Today I have had to let go of a relationship with someone close to me in my family after 45 years – it took over 30 years to realise that sometimes you cannot change the fundamental essence of a human being no matter how much acceptance, compassion and love you give them. For years I have made excuses for him, every time I had to bail him out of trouble, clean up his messes and I just gave him leeway when he stabbed not only me but others that tried to help him in the back. We always think we can change people by loving them – we can love them but let them take responsibility for their own lives. This time in the universe is a time to own yourself and what you want in your life – if you want to continue being a victim this will be your journey and the struggle will never stop – I have had one of the most trying weeks of my life this week and the process was a great journey of learning, loving me enough to know when to let go and the inner struggle within me, the rage and betrayal and hurt I felt this week has left me much like a butterfly – we cannot prise open the cocoon, the caterpillar must twist and turn and finally shed and emerge- my energy field in this time is too precious and what I am sending out to the universe to manifest in my life going forward too important to allow myself to jeopardise it with toxic feelings towards someone. The answer is often so simple and clear – let it go, do not fight it, do not try and change anyone, change how you feel by deciding what is best for you and sometimes the solution is to cut cords – so I spent this morning in ritual, cutting cords, letting go and allowing the sadness of an ended relationship to surface – no one is bad but their vibrational alignment with you might be so off that they cause great distress in your life and when you allow the ending of their connection with you, you bounce back into peace and joy. I hope he finds the peace his tortured souls is looking for but his journey is no longer alongside mine – for those of you who have to let go, this is the best thing you can do for yourself and if you ever need the tools to do so let me know – Blessings