Last week was one of the worst and best weeks of my life – I reached a depth of low that I have not experienced before in many ways – letting go of my toxic relationship with my brother was one of the many storms that hit my life in one week , starting the 28 day juice fast and questioning myself why the hell I was doing it while my life was in shambles around me was another massive tornado for which I had no How to Guide – so here I am exactly a week later and I look back at wonder at that part of my soul that held on strong enough to reach the EYE of the STORM and allowed the rest of me to fall apart. I feel as if I have entered another universe completely and right now I cannot feel anything but CONNECTEDNESS to everything around me. I felt like my iPhone must feel like when you want to change the icons and they all shake and tremble just to press something ( I have seen my kids shift things around on their iPhone which makes  those little icons shiver and shake something terrible,  to the extent that  I just want to reach out and soothe them  – am I telling you how technologically challenged I am ? ) and they come back to their original positions but in different places. I am still me but better – the vibration of the plants that are now part of me have a lot to do with that – the vibrant red, orange and yellow of the  pineapples, beets, carrots and turnips, capsicum , the green of the  apples kale, chard and spinach, cucumber and celery, the blue of the berries, the indigo of the red cabbage and the purple carrots and all other fruits and vegetables like the lemons and ginger , the limes and the herbs that I put in the juices have resonated, cleared and purified my chakras and I feel in balance, aligned and a profound peace and tranquility . This morning around 3 am I got up to prepare for my class with my Teacher, mentor and one of the most profound people in my life – Alain Herriot and with his WONDER METHOD took me to dimensions within me I did not realise existed. For two hours I explored the Breath as a never ending river flowing through me and with my attention to the sensation of AWE and WONDER, I was able to make my anxieties and fears part of this river and see how it flowed , unfolding, unhindered and unbidden into a vast pool of possibilities – when we journey inward , we realise that problems and obstacles, challenges are outside and we see them as solid and things that need to be analysed, fixed and cured but in reality they are nothing but themes in a script of my creation and have no bearing on me as a SPIRITUAL , whole BEING . Once we allow them to enter our INNER WORLD, the dissipate and the AWE and WONDER that we allow ourselves to experience despite the PROBLEMS, takes it with the flow and transforms it into what it really is – AN ILLUSION. We do not have to fix the world, we cannot control anything – not people , things and the issues of those close to us but if we can access the WONDER within us, the AWE of a breathtaking SUNSET or the STARS in a dark night shining bright and brilliant around us, that which is within us  resolves and clears it all for us and we can now see more clearly  beyond this FATA MOGANA (MIRAGE) . What is within can now move outward and watch the profound and breathtaking transmutation and transformation in your life. Blessings Isabel