For those of you who could have had a mosquito eye-view of me on Tuesday night, 8 September, after my first day of juicing , would have probably wondered whether I had managed to have that shocked and frazzled look on my face because I might have inadvertently stuck my finger in the power plug. No , just so you know, I did not and no, I did not have a bad hair day – I just completed my first day of a 28 day juice fast . I felt everything that most people feel when they are terribly in love – NAUSEA, EXHAUSTION, SHAKY, INCOHERENT, CANNOT THINK OR TALK in whole sentences and not quite here.

Looking back I could not have picked a worse day – I had patients back to back all day,  and in-between that I was bombarded with toxic issues from Africa, was filled with so much rage and anger at my brother , felt that inside of me everything was coming unglued after 8 months of relentless hammering from the Universe and I can go on and fill a 2000 word essay on that alone.  I did not drink enough water, did not juice enough and certainly did not ground myself firmly to weather this hurricane of emotions that were unleashed today. But here I am , the day completed and am at least filled with so much GRATITUDE for having these wonderful patients in my life – when I am in my role as Naturopath, I am focused and with them 100%  and I get to escape my own reality and take a breather for a while thanks to Brandon Bays.  She told us  many years ago in Namibia when we fetched her from the airport that  her  daughter had some crises and she was not able to help her deal with it at that moment otherwise she would be unfair to all of us who paid so much money and made such an effort to bring her out to our country. It would mean that at that moment , even though her physical body might be in Windhoek, all of her would be present in another country . As I feel dizzy, weak and my blood sugar took a massive olympic dive, I ask myself the following questions : is this feeling permanent (no , of course not), is it appropriate – yes, otherwise it would not be there and this is the only way my body can share its language with me telling me that either I need to hydrate, take a deep breath or just lie down and rest . Is this the juice fast? Yes , some of it is but I would have had a lot of these symptoms even if I did not fast – anyone having a harrowing day will feel out of balance, uncentered and exhausted and this is a temporary condition and will pass – just breath and  let it go – you are not going to die from drinking the most powerful nutrients and food in the world – this is the beginning of living and maybe some of it might even be my cells waking up and shaking from a long time in toxic hibernation . So what is the big deal – build a bridge and get over it and so I did. I went outside , took my dog Max with me accompanied by the ever curious kitten, Petout, and stood on the grass with my bare feet and just breathed and felt the stress of the day pass into the earth. I took a long salt bath , hydrated myself , drank a big juice and fell into bed, entering the blissful state of rest my body needed so badly. Before I sleep I feel deep down inside of me a shout of “High 5 ” – you’ve taken that first step and who cares how high this mountain is – that is tomorrow’s problem .  Blessings Isabel