So this morning I woke up knowing that if I could make it through yesterday , today is going to be a piece of cake. Felt little dizzy this morning but had an early juice of almost 12 ingredients . Felt armed and fitted for the day. Got very busy and again did not drink a lot of water – in-between patients went to ground myself and did a lot of tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique ) to start clearing my issues. I smiled at how people from the outside must see me – I live next to the  Highway and everyone can see me  tapping away furiously on my face and body as I  stand on the grass. But I lost myself in my inner world of turbulent emotions and have long ago given up on worrying what people must think of me . I started feeling more composed and more centred and slowly but surely bits and pieces of myself that got lost yesterday found their way home and I could breathe and start feeling the wholeness come together. By the end of the day and lots and lots of juice but not enough water, I felt good but a little bit out of body – my blood sugar did drop but a large glass of COCONUT water was a real life saver and within a few minutes i regained my senses and could put two words together again. No headaches (I did not expect it since I have been juicing for three months and a lot of surface toxic release already happened during this time) no body aches and strangely , no cravings whatsoever. This is the great advantage of Juicing when you are working – time flies and you do not dwell on what you cannot have but rather get on with your day. I lost 1.5 kg when I got on the scales this morning but I know most of it was water retention . However most fat is lost through the urine and frankly , even though one of the major reasons I am doing this fast is to finally let go of this layer of protection and have enough trust in me to know I am safe now and the weight no longer necessary , I just want to feel good , knowing that finally I am giving back to this amazing body that has served me so well for so long despite my hammering it with alcohol, cigarettes for 20 years and after that with  a massive sugar addiction. I also know that I needed all those addictive substances to cope and have no regrets or recriminations whatsoever . We do what we do to cope and survive and unless we tackle the reasons why we need addictions and with love and acceptance for ourselves allow it , we will forever be locked in a battle inside us and there is no winner. Tonight I feel really good, but tired and again , I take a salt bath to wash off my own discharged energies and allow myself to go to bed, crystal cleared aura and a sense of deep love  for myself for knowing I have managed another day and all is well in my world.