I am almost there – any physical addiction takes 72 hours to leave the body – whether it is sugar, alcohol, cigarettes or cocaine – the rest is the emotional programs that live in the unconscious mind – we do not have addictions for nothing – they are wonderful coping mechanisms and if we understand that our Unconscious mind only wants what is best for us and finds creative ways to do so , we understand that there is a grand plan in everything even though we might not agree on it. Who in their right mind wants a a sugar addiction which makes them acidic, toxic and fat and how the heck is that supposed to make you feel good? Well, sugar gives you many things and even though it might not , in the long run, serve your body, it helps it with bursts of energy, release of dopamine (feel good hormone and therefor happiness ) and it translates into temporary help when you cannot cope. The problem is that the Unconscious now becomes programmed and unless there is deprogramming, there is no way of getting it to find another alternative – why should it since sugar (or the addiction) provides enough temporary relief and happiness to allow you to function and its main objective is to make you feel good even though you might die trying to feel good.

So day three and this time I am learning fast – I drank at least 3 litres  of Chlorophyll water, stabilised oxygen  drops , a lot of juice and constant Ground and Seal sessions on my grass to clear my aura and help my body discharge negative energies and thoughts. Tapping still plays a great role in helping me release residual anger and frustration and still no cravings . Tonight I feel I have reached a milestone – sort of like the first camp on Mt Everest – it is still a long way but I feel I can maybe forget about my bodily discomforts and start enjoying the climb . I feel excited at how easy this is and yes, my body still feels as if there is a turbulent undercurrent of things happening inside my cells and everything feels strange and shaky , I tune in and connect to my cells and I feel like Sleeping Beauty waking up – not from a prince’s kiss but from the touch and kiss of the most beautiful , healthy , vibrant juice on this planet – structured, nutrients in liquid form – a powerhouse of change and vitality winding its way into my cells and easing up years and years of pain and toxins embedded in my cells.