As day four comes to a  close I know I am over the worst – I have easily been able to manage juicing long enough for the physical cravings to leave my body, I feel lightheaded but good . I am getting into a better rhythm, I am preparing better, drinking water upon waking with some lemon, taking the supplements that I know will support the release of unwanted toxins in my body and I am having to do less EFT and tapping on my emotions . It is Friday and I still work till late but am grateful since I am still distracted by my work and time flies . I feel lighter but did not weigh myself . In the first three days I have lost 2kg but I did not get onto the scales this morning ) I will probably weigh myself the first week but I do not care about the weight as much as I care about how I am feeling and it almost becomes unnecessary – anyone undergoing this process will feel lighter and there will come a time when the body needs to hold onto water to dilute the massive damaging toxins in the cells and you will not see that on the scales and get discouraged so the FEELING part is the best. My head feels clearer, I am more grounded and centred and dare to hope that this journey might be completed much more easily than I ever imagined. Weekends are a tough time generally for me and many others – this is a time where we equate our hard work with allowing ourselves treats and we tend to show our love for ourselves by giving ourselves permission to indulge – I do realise that the best way I can ever love and honour myself is doing exactly what I am doing – JUICING – there is no other way to nourish the body and mind than feed it the best ORGANIC JUICES from a variety of veggies . So on I march , building on a strong foundation of courage, determination and am filled with great gratitude toward myself for undertaking this journey . Not only is this the path to health and wellbeing but this too leads to the ultimate connection to ourselves – self love . Deep inside of me I feel an awakening and like a young flower bud it still feels fragile and vulnerable   but it is there and I hold onto it for life . Blessings Isabel