Day 6 and a beautiful Sunday to you too. Medusa is not there this morning but it is early hours yet. I woke up with a new resolve – I am not going to let any professional pride get into my way of success – I am going shopping right now for my new SUPERJUICE me program and change over to it instead of doing it my way. I am doing well but after yesterday’s battle I realise that I an a novice and do not know enough to do this journey on my own hence Jason Vale. Armed with new determination, feeling terrific I go down to Tullys to buy my organic produce – they open at 7.30 thank God – it means I can start the day fresh and with the right ingredients. I came home filled with so much excitement and positive expectation – weighted myself this morning and no weigh loss but I am not surprised – when I had the worst cravings yesterday I juiced 5 oranges  and 4 carrots to get a sugar high that was still legal . Today I can feel the slight back ground of want and need, I bought some fresh baked goods for my kids as a treat and the food smells wondrous but my resolve is firm and unshakeable . The day passes with a lot more ease and even though I helped my gorgeous daughter Sade-Simona make chocolate chip cookies, I did not cave in. Doing it the Superjuice me way is definitely  much easier and not so hard on me. I lie on the grass feeling the much welcomed spring sun, worked and cleared clutter and go to bed feeling slightly hungry but good and at peace . This is getting better and easier and I am glad that I allow myself to let thought my BAMBOO qualities , strong , centred and anchored but flexible and supple in times of need . The changeover was easy and still I have not stopped juicing . Sometimes we need help and support – we are not islands and with this thought I go to bed with peace and tranquility as my blanket , secure in the knowledge that I now truly am over the worst . Blessings Isabel