Today is Monday and normally I find it a bit challenging to adjust after a weekend of relaxation . But today I feel different and the sun is shining and Spring is really in the air so it looks like it might be a not so Blue Monday after all. Do I still feel hungry – hell, yes but do I crave junk food on a normal Monday – the answer is yes and it is not because I am juicing but because it is what I do. Even though the physical body only needs 3 days to withdraw from addictions, the mental emotional body needs so much more time . I watch a lot of transformation movies and I loved the SUPERJUICE me and FAT, SICK and NEARLY DEAD documentaries on how many people who had chronic conditions resolved their issues by juicing but I did not see any EMOTIONAL SUPPORT given during that time. The question is WHY and there is a perfectly logical (by the Unconscious mind’s standards ) reason why your body wants certain foods or drugs or alcohol and I believe that unless those are also addressed, the chances of falling back into old habits are very high. If Addiction allowed the body to cope with stress, emotional trauma, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder, the Unconscious mind  would have been programmed to act in the way that best keeps the physical body safe . The minute we are then hit with any major challenge, the ADDICTION and FEEL GOOD THROUGH FOOD file is the first that is opened and bang there goes all your effort and you feel like a loser, ashamed and embarrassed and have confirmed (through countless failed efforts ) to yourself that you do not have the willpower to see it through . I have followed a 20 year journey seeking answers to the issues I have created so beautifully in my life and it is clear – deal with the underlying emotion and find better and healthier coping mechanisms for stress and you will find this process so much easier . You will create trust and harmony in the body and both mental/emotional will be a team and not adversaries as many of us experience with chronic inner conflict. So I still have my INNER MEDUSA alive and well but she seems to be getting weaker and yes, she is begging me to feed her but I look at her and have compassion but she is not as important as me and so I tune myself out and she gives up. This dance goes on a lot during the day but by nighttime I feel great – she is still there and I believe me and her can become friends but I will not enable her – what happens tomorrow is another story and if I cannot do this journey at any given time I will not beat myself up but love the fact that I get to observe and have patience with my cravings.  This is a journey and not a destination – I want to get somewhere in 28 days but that is no longer so important – along this journey I get to experience highs and lows but it is ever-changing and the fascinating landscape of my inner world that takes my breath away and I am left in awe at who I am and my love for me grows ever stronger  – who knew that so much treasure is discovered in something so simple as juicing? Blessings Isabel