Day 8 – one week and one day and I feel I am home free . The fog has lifted, my body feels good and light , energy is back to normal and this feels like a normal great day – I do not feel as if I am on any fast but just doing what is normal – having breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of amazing food and it tastes divine. I got up just after 3am this morning to prepare for my Wondermethod course with Alain Herriot, my mentor and teacher and cannot wait to get new information and tools to , not only help myself on this journey , but also others. As always it was beyond expectation and I could feel my soul move and lift after the two hours of going deep into the emotional realm of Wonder. It was storming in Melbourne and I enjoyed getting soaked on the grass early morning, cleansing and allowing the gorgeous rain to wash away all my cares and the day started taking on magical qualities – the sun came up now and then and I went outside as much as I could to enjoy it and at the same time loved the cold weather when the clouds came over. Early evening I went for a walk down to our local beach and just allowed a sense of great peace and calm come over me and felt myself move over into a whole new dimension . Had a lot of fun juicing last night and had an SOS avocado as per Jason Vale’s program when everyone else settled for dinner and out of the blue an absolute need for food hit me but I was easy with it and rode it out. Went to bed feeling great and different.  I weighe this morning and my weight only went down by 100 g but I feel fantastic and I can literally feel my cells shrinking so I am not fussed and I undertake to let go of the scales – they are no longer really needed  and serve no purpose at all since they are not an indication of what dynamics are really happening in my body. Blessings