The day as always started off very well . I felt a million dollars and despite the cold (did I miss spring somewhere ? ) I felt I could conquer the world and of course this is so easy, I might as well do 90 days juice fasting. All good until the Critical Hour – many of you would know what I am talking about – when the adrenals shut off at around 3-4, the body registers its exhaustion , and no longer fed by adrenalin, now searches for a quick fix energy boost. In the past there would be so many things to choose from , but my inner Medusa was not having any of this healthy juice thing at all – no , she suddenly woke up and Lord help us all, she has now grown huge and tall and massively imposing. Will I be able to soothe her ? – the way she is looking right now, angry and raging with her claws digging into my solar plexus and her tentacles winding its way around my brain , I cannot think and I start heading straight for the kitchen. But there must be some powerful Juice Fairy sitting fairly and squarely on my kitchen table in the form of a beautiful avocado and I reach for it and as I eat a little with some lemon juice and himalayan salt, I can feel Medusa growing smaller and smaller and the first BIG CRISES is averted for now .  I start making a juice and to make doubly sure, drink 1/2 lt of chlorophyll water to stabilise my blood sugar.  This was the start of an almost relentless inner war between me and Medusa and continued right into the night until I went to sleep. She was finally put to rest by two tablespoons of psyllium husk. My gorgeous 16 year old son, Kyaro, who himself is on day 2 is also not having a good time . This is the time to change a lifelong program that no longer serves us and not seeing it as a struggle but rather observing and finding this all very interesting (in my more lucid moments) really helps in overcoming an old obsolete program filled with massive viruses . The stronger the craving, the more the addiction and being AWARE and CONSCIOUS really helps and understanding goes a long way to helping you feel that you are not hurting yourself by depriving yourself of the toxic food . It has been 9 days and I still am facing decades of wrongful programming but real kindness and understanding and unconditional love for me sees me through another interesting day on this juice fast. Blessings