I woke up this morning and read a few lines out of a wonderful book by Ray Maor -” A Year without Food ” and felt inspired to share  the many beautiful things in my life with someone out there in cyberspace. The past three years I have not blogged or gone on social media – I am one of the most fearless people I know (after having been the most terrified human being I knew when I was younger ) but man, social media comes close to terrifying me . Maybe this time round I can stay on the social media train without having to jump off . Anyway, a lot has happened since 2015 and  there are some things that were  best processed by myself  and priorities in my life demanded that I care for myself, my children and my practice first,  with the emotional energy I had left after losing both my mom, dad and the downfall of my lifelong work in Angola when that country crashed. I never want to tarnish anyone else with my pain and negativity unless i can share it to show how to move beyond it –  hence the silence. But back to Ray – he reminded me of a practice I have been doing the last few months and somehow I felt it might do someone out there the world of good if you are going through very tough times – This is what he says: ” Every morning , just when you wake up and before you get up from your bed and put your legs on the floor, say to yourself ” I AM HAVING A WONDERFUL DAY ” and give yourself a big  smile. Don’t say I am going to have a great day or this is going to be a wonderful day – the emphasis here is on the PRESENT moment and the Knowing- when you know , you simply know. When you attach this affirmation to your smile – even if you do not feel like it- the brain makes the connection and starts perceiving your day with a positive attitude.”

I look  at  a  yellow sticker on my computer saying much the same thing and when I am upset, anxious or overwhelmed , I just look at the note which says – I am happy, no matter what .  I choose to focus on positive aspects. It means that even though you have no control over what happens out there in the world and how if affects you, you still have a choice and if you remember that and refocus your thoughts and feelings on better thinking things –  your life and your world changes as your feel better . INTENT is powerful so it is my intent that WE ARE ALL HAVING A WONDERFUL , PEACEFUL and HARMONIOUS S DAY  . Namaste