Today I realised that I have been given the keys to the kingdom. I have the knowledge and the understanding to achieve the  highest level of  physically and spiritually wellbeing but will I accept the keys? I ask a lot of my patients whether they are prepared to do what it takes to be healthy and even though they mostly say yes, they , just like me, are human and find it hard to really commit.

 I have been studying (voraciously and excitedly) Dr Robert Morse’s videos and lectures on health and wellbeing and reading amazing works by Arnold Ehret (1926) and many of the earlier masters like Jensen, Johanna Brandt and countless of the pioneers in natural health and each day I have this inner brimming that tells me I am onto something profound. 

I felt I was going to combust when I read Tonya Zavasta’s Quantum Eating and will forever be indebted to her and Victoria Boutenko for shifting my consciousness these last few weeks. Now to get back to the keys of the kingdom – in order to achieve greatness in health and wellbeing, I will have to let go of many old beliefs as a Naturopath and practitioner and emotional eater  – this path requires bravery, courage but I know the rewards will obliterate my pain as I shift into this new dimension of Beingness

but the question is how do I get my unconscious to cooperate with my consciousness – my old patterns of behaviours and eating has to go and I have to embrace a Raw lifestyle – the energy, healing charge of the live plants and fruits is where it is at – it will allow the stagnant energy , toxic old lymph that surrounds all 100 trillion cells in my body to clear and renew . The high electricity in the fruits will recharge not only my cells but also shift me into a high spiritual vibration and allow me to be a better and more fluid conduit for healing . Am I up to this challenge? I will keep you updated. If I expect my patients to live off fruit alone to regenerate the nervous system, I should be brave enough to do it myself. So who knows what tomorrow brings. Namaste Isabel