The Unbearable Lightness of Being – an obligation to be happy

APR 5, 2020

The Unbearable Lightness of Being – an obligation to be happy

Being Human often sucks – we are born with a default button that relentlessly searches for happiness and satisfaction , yet we face the onslaught of unhappiness, suffering and dissatisfaction on a daily basis. There is nowhere to hide from life – when everything is crashing in on you you cannot just “time out” – somehow you have to carry on . The difference between a student of life and a master is that the master will understand that everything is transient and move into the dance of “Allowing” – let it just be and wait it out – it will get better. The student gets caught up in the drama and becomes reactive – fear threatens to smother him – he feels helpless and powerless. The art of living is not in the trying to be happy of it , but in the allowing of things to unfold and be a witness – this too shall pass – Happiness, the elusive moments of alignment is like the holy grail – you chase it and sometimes you really think you have it , but it slips away and you soon forget that it ever existed – vague memories becomes a collage of moments in the eye of the mind – was it real or did you just want it to be real. Fear, happiness and suffering, sadness and a myriad of emotional mixtures swirl in the eddy of our minds , hearts and bodies – sometimes you feel it in the chest , oftentimes in the stomach, a pressure in the heart, throat or a knowing darkness in the mind – there are moments in time when it feels like the darkness will never end and then, a phone call, a kind gesture, a positive email obliterates the leaden moments with bursts of lightness and brightness. It is unbearable sometimes, being human – you cannot just put on the pause button until you are wiser or have all the answers – times drags you by your essence and moves you along the endless corridor of this life – it does not care how you feel, what you did right or wrong or even give you a chance to try different options – looking back in time you might have regrets, feel that you have failed miserably and that your life was worthless and all wrong. I am here to tell you that you are not your thoughts, your mistakes or your mind – you are not even your body – everything in your life was lived to perfection – how can a novice know everything – he does what his limited knowledge allows him to and so too it is with us – every day in every way we live life with what wisdom we have accumulated to the best of our abilities and it is right and it is perfect. Forgive yourself and feel gratitude that you are eternal – you have thousands more opportunities in the future and the next lives to figure it out – let it be , just allow and know that you are divine , loved and supported in your journey and it is ok that it all feels wrong and sad at times. Life is a mix of everything – some days up and some days down and some days it is like the weather here in Melbourne – many seasons in one day. Just don’t forget that your soul obliges you to be happy but it is ok if you are not – tomorrow is another day and being human, being light can be unbearable but it is who we are – if we accept all that we are and what we experience without judgment the journey is so much easier. Have a terrific week – you are infinitely loved and divinely supported and protected . Namaste Isabel


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