Cravings !!!

APR 5, 2020

Help !!!

I went to bed very self satisfied last night and today is Saturday morning. I am looking forward to my weekly session with my friend LIA PAKAI, an amazing healer , without whose help I would not have made these last few months. Patients come to me for help for physical and mental issues and I love my work greatly but after a week of full days, I love balancing myself and getting my own healing with Lia. I always leave her place feeling together, cleared and hopeful and I have deep love and gratitude for the support I get from her but I also recognise myself in this process – for years I was all about others and had very little time for myself but now I make sure that I , too , am Ok and this allows me to be there , switched on, turned on and tapped in for my patients , no matter what is happening in my life. So I woke up feeling great and self satisfied – the worst is now officially over and from here on the climb is easy but maybe arduous in that there are still 23 days ahead – no shaky feelings, dizziness and out of body feelings and no expectation of cravings or any other gremlins waiting in Pandora’s Super-juicing Box. My skin looks bight and clear, I feel so light and the scales confirm that I have lost another 1.5 kg’s . I feel slim, trim and sexy and seriously , I now know what people mean when they say – on top of the world . You sort of feel taller and high and see the world in brilliant colour and as I drive down to Tyabb to see Lia , I take in the breathtaking sights of cows slowly munching away at the grass shimmering with dew, I breathe in the warm sun as it gently blankets my face – everything looks fresh, green and gold and the world is a good place to be. But what is that ? My reverie is broken by something familiar that I cannot place quite yet but cannot believe it is happening – no, it cannot be that APPETITE is also awakening . So here goes all my peace – where the hell did you come from ? For 4 bloody days you go in hiding and I think that you are gone for good and now you pop up unannounced, shattering my peace. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

And so an old friend/foe is back – she really looks like MEDUSA with all her tentacles entangled in every cell in my body. She is relentless and no matter what I do (water, EFT, breathing and if I could but it would be an emergency disaster – a handstand) I cannot shake her . She follows me into my sessions but obediently lies down while I work with patients but they are hardly out the door and she rears her ugly head (or many heads) letting me know she needs attention and appeasing. Was day 5 not supposed to be my SUPERJUICE high? I might have to sue Jason Vale for this – I downloaded his app yesterday and loved everything about it but of course I was on my own journey and only looked at his SUPERJUICE me APP to to get some good tips. I was going to do the 28 days my way but now I am rethinking – maybe he knows a little more than I do about Juicing – after all he only has 15 years more experience than me. But in the meantime I have patients and have no time to change my modus operandi for the day so tough luck – I just have to put up with my CRAVING MEDUSA. Every time I feel that gnawing and suddenly my cat is no longer safe with me – anything that moves becomes potential food – I just acknowledge it and let it know that I am not interested in the offer thank you very much. And so the battle ends but I go to bed unsatisfied and hungry but manage to fall asleep before I cave in . Blessings


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