APR 5, 2020

JUICING – Synchronicity

About three months ago I arrived back in Melbourne after a very tiring and stressful journey. We were renovating the clinic in Luanda, Angola and no kitchen. We ended up eating tinned food and local bread (which has been known to be made using water that had a hint of sewage but that is another story) and after a month of this very toxic diet (the fresh fruit available in the streets are often boiled in the sun and fermented by the time we eat them) I felt every muscle in my body aching and I could almost hear all my cells protesting. Before that I was in Namibia and starved for biltong ( a dried meat product) and koeksisters ( almost 100% sugar and a little pastry ) which was my way of reconnecting with the past and being home I allowed myself carte blanche with all the things I missed from my childhood. By the end of this journey and 30 hours of flights and stay overs at many airports I had never felt so battered and exhausted . When I got back I vowed to clear my system up but thought I would work out a detox plan once I was over the jet lag. The very first night I woke up at 3am and decided to look at some DVD’s that were still in their original packaging. I opened up the DVD Raw – and the answer was right in front of me. I had never thought of myself of going RAW but the results of the team of people that were in the DVD were nothing short of spectacular . They all had diabetes (which thankfully I do not have ) but the concept of going raw and juicing was one I was very drawn to and so my journey started. In the next few days I experimented with various ways of going Raw but my Inner Food Addict was not having much of this Raw business and so the conflict started . After many false starts I realised that if I could at least just juice till 12 when the body is in Prime Detox mode (from 4am – 12pm) then at least I will be getting some nutrients into my cells and they would be able to clear some of the toxic build up from the last few months . I stopped eating at 7 pm and juiced until 12 pm for most days over the last few months. I saw the wonderful results in many of my patients whose skin cleared up, aches and pains relieving and chronic issues slowly melting away with this very easy introduction of real live food and enzymes. I became more and more excited at how easy it is and how good I was feeling but wanted to take it to the next level. This is when I watched the SUPERJUICE me movie which anyone can download for free and became motivated enough to tackle a 28 Day Juice only challenge. This is my journey but I can tell you that I have faced every doubt and fear and the biggest of it all is the fear around setting myself up for failure – I do not advocate doing something that does not love and support you and taking on a project that might be too overwhelming can cause despair and a sense of failure – I am glad I took it slow and allowed my body to habituate and I am so looking forward to taking it one day at a time with great joy to see what is going to unfold in my life