After years of successfully treating many different kinds of allergies such as hay fever, sinusitis, asthma, hives and food allergies and intolerance, Isabel realized that what seemed to be just the body’s inappropriate immune response to a normally not harmful substance, is in fact something much deeper. Allergies seem to have a huge emotional component whereby the emotional body of the patient does not seem to feel safe subconsciously and the body tries to compensate by troubleshooting many incongruous substances in an attempt to feel secure. The most popular approach to allergy therapy is to eliminate the allergen but often the patient ends up having more and more allergic reactions, which leaves him/her with very little other options. Isabel’s approach is not to target the allergen but to calm down the immune system and assist with its repair so it can revert to its blueprint state of appropriate reactivity. Using EFT and Core therapy, Isabel allows the subconscious mind to feel safe, reducing the overload of cortisol and adrenalin, which then allows the immune system to react appropriately. This might mean initially reducing or eliminating a known allergen (especially life threatening) but targeting a long term solution whereby there is no known emergency reactions in the body towards the allergen.