Anxiety disorder manifests itself as a condition where patients experience intense involuntary physiological symptoms such as an overwhelming sense of disaster or death, shortness of breath accompanied by a pain or pressure in the heart/chest area, heart palpitations, dizziness, hot flashes, chills and trembling, numbness or tingling in the extremities such as legs and arms, sweating, nausea, a feeling of overwhelment of negative emotions that feels suffocating and unbearable. When advanced it progresses to episodes of muscle twitching or spasming, insomnia and depression and the inability to relax no matter what and a general feeling of muscular aches and pains, nightmares and decreased libido. At this stage the patient’s thought patterns are conditioned around negative self talk in order to anticipate possible danger before it happens. PANIC ATTACKS are short intense episodes of anxiety where the body is in extreme fight or flight mode. In general, anxiety disorders are a physical manifestation of posttraumatic stress disorders. Isabel does not only determine the extent of stress on the adrenal and thyroid gland using the Scio to identify the level of hormonal imbalance in the body but also uses Core EFT as an effective psychological tool to clear the root cause of the anxiety. This process includes empowering the patient with tools to cope when experiencing the anxiety outside of therapy but also to nourish the hormonal system and rebalancing the endocrine glands that have been affected negatively. Diet, supplementation and a holistic non trauma method of releasing fear allows the body to feel safe enough to let go of the incorrect fight/flight mechanisms. Anxiety is not a life sentence but with the correct information can soon be a thing of the past leaving you with a sense of deep peace and renewed energy .