Auto-Immune Conditions

The popular belief around autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia etc. is that the patient has a very high immune system. After over 20 years successfully assisting many auto-immune patients Isabel has come to the conclusion that it is rather a very debilitated immune system that has been damaged by oxidative stress, pathogens, PH imbalances or stressors that have caused a communication breakdown in how the immune system responds to inflammation. The cell to cell communication between organs and systems within the immune system is broken down , leaving the immune system paralyzed by inactivity or over responding in one area only in order to deal with pathogens or damage to cells. If there is no cooperation within the system as a whole the body cannot repair and deal with the inflammation caused by pathogens, inflammation being the very first immune response. A next step is to heal and repair the protective inflammation but incorrect or no messaging between the immune cells leads to a build up of the inflammation and stays there, causing untold pain and discomfort. Using the Scio to determine the exact location of the communication breakdown helps narrow down the organs that need to be nourished and repaired, leading to better cell to cell communication and a state whereby the body then can heal itself without any interference from outside.