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What is SCENAR Therapy

SCENAR is an advanced form of interactive neurostimulation proven to provide long term pain relief

“SCENAR” stands for Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator. Invented 40 years ago by a Russian University with the aim of providing non-invasive, effective treatment of the human body as a whole. Today SCENAR is recognized all over the world
and millions of patients have benefited from this technology.

SCENAR is an advanced form of interactive neurostimulation using unique two-phase biopolar impulses, feedback capabilities and individually dosed influence. The devices are hand held and designed to powerfully stimulate the body’s own healing capacity.

How Can SCENAR Therapy Help You?

SCENAR Therapy is clinically proven to assist with pain,
discomfort and functional restoration. SCENAR is highly
effective for chronic and acute pain in bones, muscles,
joints, ligaments., back pain, diabetic neuropathy,
headaches and other painful conditions.

SCENAR Treatment Session

During treatment the Practitioner will gently move the device over your skin, and at times hold it stationary to take readings. You will feel a tingling sensation from the electrical impulses emitted by the device. Your Practitioner may also use attachments that are more appropriate for the treatment.

SCENAR Therapy supports the body to heal itself, your therapist will search out unresolved problems to assist the body in completing its goal of self-regulation. Feedback regards to changes in your condition is encouraged as the information guides the Practitioner during the treatment session.

Any shifts or changes are an indication that your body is already reacting to the therapy and that the healing processes have started. These changes may begin during the treatment session and can continue after for a period of time.