Depression is not only an emotional consequence of trauma or chronic stress but also is a result of a chemical imbalance in the body, in particular a lack of serotonin, which is our happiness hormone. Depression affects the whole body especially the nervous system, moods, the way your perceive the world (often with very dark thoughts) and the way your eat, sleep and think about others and yourself. A general feeling of worthlessness, despair and suicidal thoughts, chronic fatigue and short bursts of anger, irritability and frustration, headaches, body pain is present in most patients who suffer from this very debilitating condition. Years of depression can lead to an almost catatonic state where there is no feeling whatsoever and no sense in living followed by a total withdrawal from loved ones and the world around you. Nothing gives you pleasure and you are too tired to summon up any energy to even try lifting yourself out of this state. Root causes can be found in trauma, chronic stress and elevated adrenalin overload, hyper stimulated immune system, thyroid disorders, dietary deficiencies, brain chemical imbalances, food allergies, hypoglycemia and even a hereditary predisposition. Finding the root cause in this pervasive syndrome is key to finding a solution and doing a full Scio assessment allows Isabel to rule out many factors and cut down on the recovery time. At the same time she creates a positive supportive environment knowing that this is a process where trust needs to be fostered and hope ignited without creating a false sense of expectation. Isabel has had great success in assisting many of her patients on this often very lonely journey to find their way back to balance and joy.