Diabetes type two is a disease of our time and a direct result of our incorrect eating habits. Poor food choices, acidic foods and a chronic stress response can all lead to this very debilitating disease which not only impacts on the pancreas but also has a far reaching effect on the cardiovascular and circulatory system. In modern medicine it is almost a given that if you suffer from diabetes or hypertension you will suffer this disease and will have to take medication till the day you die. In Isabel’s vast experience both in Africa and Australia, she found that with the correct nutritional guidance and stress relief techniques as well as supportive supplementation to clear inflammation in the arteries and within the pancreas both disorders are reversible. However, this process will be done with your general doctor’s guidance and only with a GP’s permission, the patient will suspend chemical medication. At the very least the effects of these disease within the body can be stopped and can lead to a better quality life where the patient can safely continue traditional therapy but with increased feelings of vitality and energy.