Skin Conditions

Even though skin disorders can be very stressful and the constant itching and inflammation in the skin can cause you to feel hot, irritated and frustrated just remember your body is an amazingly intelligent body that has found a very safe and creative way to get rid of toxic substances without causing you any harm. Most skin conditions are related to the liver trying to deal with an overload of stress related hormones and toxic substances as well as reacting to digestive issues such a leaky gut syndrome, constipation or fungal overgrowth within the digestion. The answer does not lie in using cortisone cream or trying to target the skin since the skin is just the detox system – Isabel helps identify which organs or pathogens needs to be cleared and with her protocol of liver and blood cleansing, rebalancing or hormones and replenishing the bowel flora patients experience a fast and painless recovery from skin conditions. Some conditions take much than others depending on the site of toxicity – often some repair work in the gut is needed and avoidance of inflammatory foods need to be adhered to but once the clearing is done, the blood is vibrant and clear the liver no longer has any need to utilize the skin to clear itself.