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What are you experiencing?


Anxiety disorder manifests itself as a condition where patients experience intense involuntary physiological symptoms such as an overwhelming sense of disaster or death, shortness of breath accompanied by a pain or pressure in the heart/chest area, heart palpitations, dizziness, hot flashes, chills and trembling, numbness or tingling in the extremities such as legs and arms, sweating, nausea, a feeling of overwhelment of negative emotions that feels suffocating and unbearable. When advanced it progresses to episodes of muscle twitching or spasming, insomnia and depression and the inability to relax no matter what and a general feeling of muscular aches and pains, nightmares and decreased libido.  At this stage the patient’s thought patterns are conditioned around negative self talk in order to anticipate possible danger before it happens. PANIC ATTACKS are short intense episodes of anxiety where the body is in extreme fight or flight mode. In general, anxiety disorders are a physical manifestation of posttraumatic stress disorders.

Isabel does not only determine the extent of stress on the adrenal and thyroid gland using the Scio to identify the level of hormonal imbalance in the body but also uses Core EFT as an effective psychological tool to clear the root cause of the anxiety. This process includes empowering the patient with tools to cope when experiencing the anxiety outside of therapy but also to nourish the hormonal system and rebalancing the endocrine glands that have been affected negatively. Diet, supplementation and a holistic non trauma method of releasing fear allows the body to feel safe enough to let go of the incorrect fight/flight mechanisms.  Anxiety is not a life sentence but with the correct information can soon be a thing of the past leaving you with a sense of deep peace and renewed energy .


We cannot control the world, the people around us and how they behave or the circumstances of our lives but we are in control of how we think and how we react to these situations, however challenging they may be. The key to stress and the consequent fatigue is that most people live in a reactive way, not really knowing that they have the power to change their lives by changing their behavior and thought patterns which until then, have negatively impacted on the physical body. Stress leads to an overload of adrenalin and cortisol, which actively stops very important other processes such as clear thought patterns, effective digestion and absorption, and immune and hormonal repair. The most important after effect of stress is chronic fatigue, which is no surprise since the body uses massive amounts of energy to activate the muscles in response to the flight / fight mode.

The first port of call is that Isabel helps you determine the physical negative effects the stress has had on your body and rebalances it out with the help of the Scio and correct supplementation. She teaches you ways of detachment, which allows you to delay a reactive response to stress. The end result is that you will not only resolve your reaction to stress but also be empowered to create a more harmonious environment in your thinking.


Depression is not only an emotional consequence of trauma or chronic stress but also is a result of a chemical imbalance in the body, in particular a lack of serotonin, which is our happiness hormone. Depression affects the whole body especially the nervous system, moods, the way your perceive the world (often with very dark thoughts) and the way your eat, sleep and think about others and yourself. A general feeling of worthlessness, despair and suicidal thoughts, chronic fatigue and short bursts of anger, irritability and frustration, headaches, body pain is present in most patients who suffer from this very debilitating condition.  Years of depression can lead to an almost catatonic state where there is no feeling whatsoever and no sense in living followed by a total withdrawal from loved ones and the world around you. Nothing gives you pleasure and you are too tired to summon up any energy to even try lifting yourself out of this state. Root causes can be found in trauma, chronic stress and elevated adrenalin overload, hyper stimulated immune system, thyroid disorders, dietary deficiencies, brain chemical imbalances, food allergies, hypoglycemia and even a hereditary predisposition.

Finding the root cause in this pervasive syndrome is key to finding a solution and doing a full Scio assessment allows Isabel to rule out many factors and cut down on the recovery time.  At the same time she creates a positive supportive environment knowing that this is a process where trust needs to be fostered and hope ignited without creating a false sense of expectation. Isabel has had great success in assisting many of her patients on this often very lonely journey to find their way back to balance and joy.

Allergies/ Asthma/ Sinusitus

After years of successfully treating many different kinds of allergies such as hay fever, sinusitis, asthma, hives and food allergies and intolerance, Isabel realized that what seemed to be just the body’s inappropriate immune response to a normally not harmful substance, is in fact something much deeper. Allergies seem to have a huge emotional component whereby the emotional body of the patient does not seem to feel safe subconsciously and the body tries to compensate by troubleshooting many incongruous substances in an attempt to feel secure. The most popular approach to allergy therapy is to eliminate the allergen but often the patient ends up having more and more allergic reactions, which leaves him/her with very little other options. Isabel’s approach is not to target the allergen but to calm down the immune system and assist with its repair so it can revert to its blueprint state of appropriate reactivity. Using EFT and Core therapy, Isabel allows the subconscious mind to feel safe, reducing the overload of cortisol and adrenalin, which then allows the immune system to react appropriately. This might mean initially reducing or eliminating a known allergen (especially life threatening) but targeting a long term solution whereby there is no known emergency reactions in the body towards the allergen.

Auto-immune disease

The popular belief around autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia etc. is that the patient has a very high immune system. After over 20 years successfully assisting many auto-immune patients Isabel has come to the conclusion that it is rather a very debilitated immune system that has been damaged by oxidative stress, pathogens, PH imbalances or stressors that have caused a communication breakdown in how the immune system responds to inflammation. The cell to cell communication between organs and systems within the immune system is broken down , leaving the immune system paralyzed by inactivity or over responding in one area only in order to deal with pathogens or damage to cells. If there is no cooperation within the system as a whole the body cannot repair and deal with the inflammation caused by pathogens, inflammation being the very first immune response. A next step is to heal and repair the protective inflammation but incorrect or no messaging between the immune cells leads to a build up of the inflammation and stays there, causing untold pain and discomfort. Using the Scio to determine the exact location of the communication breakdown helps narrow down the organs that need to be nourished and repaired, leading to better cell to cell communication and a state whereby the body then can heal itself without any interference from outside.

Rheumatism, Arthritis & Osteoarthritis/ Osteoporosis

Rheumatism, Arthritis & Osteoarthritis/ Osteoporosis and GOUT are painful conditions caused by ph imbalances which can be relieved in a matter of days using the Scenar machine and ph balancing therapies.

Even though the above conditions are very painful and debilitating, using the correct therapies can bring about fast relief. Isabel recognizes that the common factor in all these conditions are an imbalance in the general Ph of the body leading to cell acidity which then causes inflammation and the breakdown of calcium to compensate. Causal factors are mostly stress which shuts down the digestive processes, smoking, processed foods or alcohol which all lead to an acidic state in the body.  Once the body is in an overall acidic state, the body uses its inherent calcium source (bone and cartilage) to counteract this acidity and the removal of this important mineral leads to deterioration in the bone or cartilage. This leads to overall inflammation, which either manifests itself in the muscles (rheumatism) or in the bone (arthritis, osteoarthritis or osteoporosis). The simples solution lies in finding techniques that work for the patient to deal with stress but the most important factor is to assist the patient to alkalize via diet and repair of the digestive tract. This protocol, accompanied by pain relieving Scenar therapy allows fast and permanent relief of discomfort and with the correct nutritional support the body is able to reverse the bone and cartilage deterioration over a period of time.

Digestive issues

Digestive imbalances lead to a plethora of conditions such as gastric reflux, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, Crohn’s disease, constipation, bloating, appendicitis, Diverticulitis, gallbladder disorders, liver issues, halitosis, hemorrhoids, malabsorption etc. The challenge is to determine exactly which areas within the digestive tract needs to be repaired and nourished and finding the right supplement which can be absorbed into an already compromised digestive system. The loss of digestive enzymes through bad lifestyle choices, smoking, stress and an overload of alcohol and coffee all negatively impact on the body’s ability to digest, process and absorb nutrition. A lack of healthy bowel flora has huge repercussions on the body’s overall immune system by overloading the gut with toxic and often dangerous pathogens, some which are cancer causing. A sluggish digestive tract leads to other diseases such a liver disorders, an acidic body which impacts on the kidneys and bones, fatigue. T he lack of nutrition inhibits the body from correctly producing hormones, enzymes and white and red blood cells necessary in a healthy ecosystem within the body. A compromised digestive system is probably the most important system that needs to be given attention to before any other area of the body can be corrected. The Scio is invaluable to assist Isabel to determine exactly the condition of each separate system in the digestive tract, scanning for the pathogen overload in the gut, the lack of bowel flora and the precise enzymes that have been affected. Using nutritional therapies, detox methods such as the liver flush and juicing Isabel is able to help you not only alleviate these conditions but in the process you are empowered to understand exactly how to take care of yourself physically for the rest of your life. The end results are spectacular and leaves you with not only a physical state of wellbeing but a renewed passion in life since the gut is directly linked to the production of serotonin , the happiness hormone.

Diabetes/ Cardiovascular

Diabetes type two is a disease of our time and a direct result of our incorrect eating habits. Poor food choices, acidic foods and a chronic stress response can all lead to this very debilitating disease which not only impacts on the pancreas but also has a far reaching effect on the cardiovascular and circulatory system. In modern medicine it is almost a given that if you suffer from diabetes or hypertension you will suffer this disease and will have to take medication till the day you die. In Isabel’s vast experience both in Africa and Australia, she found that with the correct nutritional guidance and stress relief techniques as well as supportive supplementation to clear inflammation in the arteries and within the pancreas both disorders are reversible. However, this process will be done with your general doctor’s guidance and only with a GP’s permission, the patient will suspend chemical medication. At the very least the effects of these disease within the body can be stopped and can lead to a better quality life where the patient can safely continue traditional therapy but with increased feelings of vitality and energy.


Insomnia can be the difficulty in falling asleep or waking up and not being able to go  back to sleep. If these conditions persist over a one-month period it is safe to say that you might be suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is in itself not a disease but a manifestation of a deeper underlying condition such as depression, anxiety, stress or physical conditions such as arthritis, asthma, hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, indigestion, kidney or heart disease or chronic pain as well as high caffeine consumption. There are some nutritional deficiencies that can attribute to this condition such as a lack of calcium, magnesium or B6. Systemic disorders in the endocrine system, high levels of cortisol and adrenalin and some conditions in the liver, lungs and kidneys are all possible contributors to insomnia. There also seems to be an underlying unconscious program in the brain leading to feelings of not being  safe and secure at night which triggers the fight/flight response and releases hormones that will shut down the sleep response system. Isabel uses the Scio to determine which one of the many possible causes is responsible for your insomnia but uses EFT and a cognitive approach to soothe the protective unconscious mechanism of the body. Using some herbs and nutritional therapy is only a small part of assisting patients in alleviating this debilitating condition which impacts on the patient’s overall mood, the ability to be productive and creative and combatting the physical exhaustion both mentally and physically which manifests itself in this syndrome.

Skin Conditions

Even though skin disorders can be very stressful and the constant itching and inflammation in the skin can cause you to feel hot, irritated and frustrated just remember your body is an amazingly intelligent body that has found a very safe and creative way to get rid of toxic substances without causing you any harm. Most skin conditions are related to the liver trying to deal with an overload of stress related hormones and toxic substances as well as reacting to digestive issues such a leaky gut syndrome, constipation or fungal overgrowth within the digestion. The answer does not lie in using cortisone cream or trying to target the skin since the skin is just the detox system – Isabel helps identify which organs or pathogens needs to be cleared and with her protocol of liver and blood cleansing, rebalancing or hormones and replenishing the bowel flora patients experience a fast and painless recovery from skin conditions. Some conditions take much than others depending on the site of toxicity – often some repair work in the gut is needed and avoidance of inflammatory foods need to be adhered to but once the clearing is done, the blood is vibrant and clear the liver no longer has any need to utilize the skin to clear itself.

Metabolic Diseases

Hypothyroidism, Adrenal disorders, hypoglycemia are some of the conditions caused by metabolic imbalances in the body, which can lead to stressful lives, fatigue, depression and anxiety and panic attacks.  Stress, hormonal imbalances, toxic digestive by products, compromised immune system responses and environmental and chemical stressors are all possible contributors to blocking normal metabolic pathways leading to congestion in the organs of the endocrine system – the root cause needs to be determined first, cleared and then repair can start in this very complex and little understood system. Using the Scio as a navigation tool in finding out where the original imbalances lie, determining the functional deficiencies and overload in the specific organs are key elements to a healthy endocrine system which leads to peace, tranquility and balance in both body and mind. In this approach Isabel does not necessarily treat the symptoms but the root imbalance which then has a domino effect of wellbeing on the rest of the body.