Who Is Dr Isabel Reis

  • Your body is designed to heal itself

  • Working In Africa

    Having worked as a Naturopath and Bioenergetic Practitioner with over 100,000 patients world wide over the past 20 years, Isabel brings her years of experience combining multiple disciplines to finding solutions for anything from minor ailments to some of the most severe health challenges. With the understanding that your body is designed to heal itself, Isabel combines Natural medicine and cutting edge bio-energetic technology to assist you to have a deep insight into your physical and emotional well being down to the root cause of your condition. Through working directly on the cause of various health symptoms, which can often be unexpected, Isabel is able to foster an environment of healing and get you on the path to feeling your best self again.

Why Dr Isabel Reis

  • Over 100 000 patients

    Owned a natural medicine clinic in Angola

  • Global Experience

    Practiced in Australia, Namibia, South Africa and Norway

  • Over 20 years experience

    With over 20 years experience, Dr Isabel Reis has the experience to help most people.