About Dr Isabel Reis

I was born in Okahandja, Namibia, Africa in 1964.  My childhood was spent trying to cope with severe panic anxiety attacks which ensued from a violent and abusive home environment.  I felt a victim of my life and my circumstances  until I was 30 years of age whereupon I had a profound realisation. I left school and went to South Africa where I completed my B.Soc, Sci degree majoring in Psychology and Sociology . I met my (now ex) husband at Uni and we returned to Namibia in 1989 months prior to the Independence of Namibia from South Africa and the end of a much welcomed political era that was filled with apartheid .  It was during the 90's that I was faced with many health challenges and had to find an alternative to allopathic medicine. I had become a mother to four beautiful children and through them I was motivated to find a better way of healing and it was during the early years of my children growing up that I started becoming aware that there was another world out there waiting to be discovered. At age 30 I reached one of the lowest points of my life and this led to finding myself on the spiritual path where I needed to understand that I and I alone was responsible for the creation of my life and feelings and that I had the power to change my life by changing my thoughts and feelings. This path was a winding road which sometimes led me back to all my old victim consciousness but always moved me forward towards hope that one day I would be able to experience true health , joy and freedom . I  was inspired to become a naturopath and gained great success in my field in Namibia with servicing our State House and many members of Parliament which meant a huge support as one of only two qualified naturopaths in the 90's and early 2000. The journey in a new field in my country was not without difficulty with great resistance from the medical field and also from members in the alternative field. I encountered many challenges and today am so grateful to these wonderful teachers and masters who presented me with countless opportunities to practice my path to wellbeing. The first few years I worked relentlessly alongside  a  team of naturopaths that I had brought together and was seeing up to 20 patients a day working sometimes from 4am till 10pm , 7 days a week. Even though I almost burnt out, the upside was that I gained a massive database of information from all my patients and the Universe was kind enough to send me patients with the same syndrome at the same time which allowed me to find out commonalities.  From these experiences I was able to formulate my body systems program which I use till today. It tells me how emotion and physicality and the connective organs all works together toward an attempt at wellbeing .

In the year 2000, I began to see plane loads of patients from our war torn neighbouring country, Angola , which was still embroiled in a massive civil war . The patient load was too much for my small practice and I trained up one of my assistants , Dr Maggi Hoebes, to open up a clinic in Menongue and later on in Luanda, Angola to help these patients. Little did we know what we were letting ourselves in for and from 2002 till today we are still in Luanda.  This journey was one stage in my life filled with massive challenges coming into a war torn country  ,  fraught with fear, blackmail, voodoo and political upheaval , death threats and yet it has helped me grow more than I could ever have hoped in every way - as a naturopath I was faced with patients coming into the clinic dying and with very little medical support had to become creative. As a foreigner in a very unstable country  I had to go within to go beyond my own fear and as a woman who had to leave her children behind many times to go to a very hostile and dangerous country to live out her destiny,  I had to find peace and allowance for myself.

Today we still see around 80-120 patients per day at Innovative Medical Technologies with a staff of 35 , most who have been with me for the last 13 years. In 2005 we moved to Australia as a family but left again in 2007 and went to Cape Town. Soon after that my marriage came to an end and I had to restart my life as a single mother of four , knowing that I wanted to take my children back to Australia. I worked in Cape Town and commuted to Angola once a month and travelled in between to learn more from great teachers like Alain Herriot, Gary Craig, Sonia Choquette and many others during the next few years. My spiritual journey was intensified during and after the divorce - I had to learn to let go of resistance and deal with an increasingly overwhelming life as a mother of four who now had no support other than herself with the economic crises hitting Angola and the world , not knowing how she was going to make it at age 45 starting over.

Finally in 2013  I was able to bring back my children to Australia and started working in Mt Eliza , Victoria  as a naturopath but also commuted to Cape Town and Angola until now. In Angola I teach in my field and train my staff but the massive health challenges the people of Angola faces allows me to continue to grow and find solutions to very mystifying conditions that are largely unknown outside the country.  My work after so many years of connecting with almost 100 000 people I am able to safely say that in order to gain full wellbeing, freedom and vitality we have to incorporate both body , mind and the resulting spirit will automatically connect and bring wholeness and balance and centeredness into our lives. It is my belief that we are all connected and as I have the privilege to treat my patients I , too, become elevated and uplifted as I watch them grow from pain and physical and emotional discomfort into empowerment and wellness. Their journey is mine and my life experiences flows into theirs,  and so we have the love and support of the universe uniting us all in the search for peace and wellbeing.